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Restoration project

Since 1991, this fort has been undergoing restoration by volunteers from FONDAZZJONI WIRT ARTNA – Malta Heritage Trust.  The aim behind this initiative is that of preserving this important historic fort for posterity and to turn it into a live museum where aspects of its history are brought back to life for the enjoyment and better appreciation of the public.

Like most museums, Fort Rinella is very expensive to run and maintain. All revenue for this historic fort is self-generated by Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna mostly through its own operation as a cultural attraction. FWA is a voluntary non-governmental organization set up in 1987 with the aim of saving heritage sites and buildings at risk through their preservation and management as cultural attractions. Presently, it cares for 40 such sites around the Maltese islands that cover the full length of Malta’s long and rich 7,000 year history.

Fort Rinella is one of the largest that the trust cares for. It is the country's only historic fort that is open to the public and its only live-museum where history is faithfully recreated six-days a week. Despite all our efforts, the revenue generated from its operation is never enough. We strive to keep this historic monument to the highest possible state of conservation and maintenance. As operators of this site we also try our best to offer a unique experience to our visitors which goes well beyond the ordinary value of an entrance ticket.

To be able to maintain these standards we need help. If you have been to this fort as a visitor or you approve of what we are doing please help us with a small contribution that you can do online from this page. Every little help counts. Thank you. 

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