Soldiers of the Queen Museum Exhibition

A new permanent museum exhibition focusing on the British Victorian army has been put together at Fort Rinella. This latest addition to the historic fort forms part of an extensive revamping of the same which will be seeing the relocation of all modern visitor amenities which are currently housed inside the fort to a new temporary building outside it to make way for the faithful restoration and reconstruction of all the fort's interiors as they originally stood in Victorian times. The new exhibition is located in the soldiers' defensible barrack rooms that run along the full-length of the fort's gorge. Spanning nine different rooms it will chart the rapid evolution of what was initially a hugely inefficient and fossilized army into a first-rate army forerunner of Kitchener's New Army which faced the full might of Germany's Imperial Army along the French in World War One. The new display features hundreds of original and rare objects from the reign of Queen Victoria such as uniforms, weapons, equipment, regalia, documents, paintings and photographs. It will also include a section dedicated to the British Army in Malta and to the Maltese Regiments forming part of it. 

Your donation will help the maintenance and enhancement of this permanent museum exhibition. 

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